Saturday, February 22, 2014

etsy saturday.

oh my gosh. Someone needs to come over here and physically pry my checkbook out of my hands! Shittttts about to get out.of.control.

have you ever loved everything? Wanted it all? I may have already picked out a specific spot in my home for each and EVERY one of these pieces. Get.In.My.Online.Shopping.Cart. and then...Ship.To.My.Home. And then just go ahead and hang yo'self up appropriately:)

andddddd go:)

1 'breath mother fucker' 
i don't know that there's ever been a more perfect piece of art for me. that a tear falling down my cheek?;) This just...moved me;)

2 plant hanger
or what I was thinking could hold a bowl full of fruit in my new kitchen...someday. Thoughts?

3 'this is where the magic happens'
i just find this adorable. In my head I'm envisioning a super simple master bedroom with one big piece on the wall above the bed. Not sure if this suits us perfectly...maybe if it was more like: this is where the magic happens...when we're not rock/paper/scissoring over who should change Homer's shitty butt or passed out tired from a seriously long day or playing on our phones...but otherwise...ALL magic...sweaty...sweaty magic;) 

4 sail away with me
ahhhhh. These last few all feel like the West to me - LAAAA Siggghhhhhh:) A favorite of mine and Jacob's is traveling and I've got the itch. I've been bitten by the travel bug. We traveled West in September of's been 10 longgggg months at home. We must pack up again...SOON!:)
I so wish I could give Jacob this card...along with some tickets tucked away inside for Ireland...someday:)

5 'wild and free'
this could also fit perfectly in Homer's room...he is wild. And he, so obviously, answers to no one. So that makes him free...from us;)

6 'taking the road less traveled'
the other day we had a checking account plump full of money - that moment right before all those checks come in and you realize you shorted yourself know what I'm talking about;). that moment, we looked at each other and said...lets just go. Jump on a plane. Go to Paris. We'll take Homer. It'll be amazing...LAAA Siggghhhhhh:)
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