Saturday, February 15, 2014


2 things I'm constantly saying - to the point of serious annoyance:

1/ "we've got to get our shit together financially"

2/ "i want that shirt/top/jeans/shoes/drapes/dresser/onsie/stroller/hair color/boots/undies/pillow/etsy necklace/groceries/gas/vacation" (and a million more;)

as is our style...we're starting UHgainnnnn with a budget! We're hoping some things that have come up + tax returns are going to get us back to a clean slate and then we'll be able to start making some smarter choices financially:) And this change of heart couldn't come at a better time. Maternity Leave in, t-minus, 33 days (HAPPY.DANCE!!!!).
BUT Maternity Leave will also cut my, already prettyyyyyy small, income to about 60%. So getting ourselves situated before March 21st will be ideal!

found via Mara. buy here.

and on that note...some sweaters that I want. A lot. Reminder for those that care: my birthday is March 23rd and hopefully those buying me gifts for my birthday aren't on the strict budget that we are;)
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