Monday, February 17, 2014

sunday best:)

as I told my girlfriend...this Sunday was equally productive and lazy. It included some ice cream andddd crying (hormones and nothing else! arg), walkingggggg (finally warm-ish enough to leave the house!!) and a lot of cuddles. Overall...a good day:) And I'm kinda loving that I'm forcing myself to take some photos at least ONE day a week with something other than my phone!

here are photos from last weeks Sunday Best Post and it actually might come in handy cause we've made some changes in the last week and you can catch some before and afters:)

 i (with the help of my sister, Pigg) painted the dining room a dark...grey?! I'm really loving how it turned out!!!

 home's  and my cankles chillin'.

we hung the frames above the mantel!!!! 
My cousin, Neen, helped separate one photo that Jacob had taken on our honeymoon in Spain, into 3 parts and I framed all of them. It needs some minor adjusting (we should have used matted photo paper because of the glare) but otherwise it looks amazing:)

and a rando of Jacob's first every buck hanging in the living room. This is the only 'animal' head I am prepared to allow in our living space;)

hope you had an amazing Sunday as well, Friends!!!:) And I mostly hope you're not sitting here...blowing time before you leave for in sick. You deserve it;)
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