Monday, March 24, 2014

week 38:)

i'm STILL pregnant!!!!!!

to be honest...neither Jacob or I expected to leave the weekend without having a baby in our arms. But here we are...Monday and baby is still holding tight!! But all of that is okay. I'm not shocked at all that our instincts were off. They normally are about such things;) But I'm really feeling great and I'm not "GET THIS THING OUTTA ME" quite yet...although, I didn't go over with check back when we're 4 days past my due date and I may be singing a different tune;)
But as of right now...I feel good. We feel good. 

i was also able to celebrate my 31st birthday outside of the hospital this weekend! So that was very kind of the baby;) And I have to's been one of THE best birthday's I've ever had. 
Note to Self: plan to be 39 weeks pregnant on ALL future birthday's till the end of time;)
Besides the normal birthday attention...Jacob is completely pampering me anyway because of my 'state' and it's been complete bliss:):)
AND I still have one more gift coming (not counting the baby;) from Jacob, my mom and sister, Courts - it's being shipped:). So I'm VERY excited about that! 

so everything is good, good, good:) And I'm thinking this MAY be the last 'baby' post until after there's a real-life baby. Um...whaaaaaa?!?!:)

in a few weeks, I hope to be adding one more photo to this group...of me holding our new baby girl or boy:):)

due date 
any day now!!!!!! (scary face;)

boy or girl 
jacob has finally admitted it COULD be a girl;) My gut is saying girl! 

i think we've finally settled on names! I doubted us for a minute and was about ready to scrap all our girl names and start over...but it's all good:) And most likely it WILL be a boy now that we had such a hard time settling on girl names;)

i'm pregnant. So there's that.

as of last week...I was still bringing in about a pound per week - impressive, I know;). My next appointment is scheduled for tomorrow and I have not been holding back in the last week. I figured it's my last days of pregnancy anddddd I'll do what I want;) 

current weight: 181lbs
total weight gain: 44lbs

even if I weigh in 5lbs heavier tomorrow...I'll still have gained less than I did with Homer. Whoa.

there are definitely minimal options now and comfort is key. Luckily, I'm officially on Maternity no pressure to look too neat;)
AND we're already planning our Annual MOA Trip for April and I'm SO excited to go without a belly and hopefullyyyyyy without at least 20 less pounds;)

baby buys 
Um. I've ordered THIS - for 10% off and it's something I've been loving on for quite some time - and plan on putting it in the baby room if it's a girl. I've also scored a few super cheap things on used IG sites - where they sell their baby clothes. The most recent outfit were THESE stripped pants and one of THESE tops but I got the set for $4, shipped:)

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