Monday, May 19, 2014

a mom's day:)

Mother's Day was a good day. My husband was a bit testy...which was quite annoying. It sucks when he gets his period on days he's supposed to be celebrating ME;) But overall...good times were had by all:)

rowdy thought Courts was taking a photo of her. It turned out as creepy as Courts had hoped;)

homer and Nasher riding dirty;)

cousins kissing does have an expiration date and that day is quickly approaching;)

a family who wears all neutral tones together...stays together?!

it is a fact that we lucked out when it came to our parents (and entire family for that matter:). Like I say year after year...I hope to do for my children what my mom has done for me. She did a pretty stellar job on me...I doubt my children will ever be quite as awesome as I am...but I'll try;)

in addition to our normal gift for mom, this year I had my Friend print a quote that I framed for her:

"all that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother"

and then the beautiful process of trying to get a photo of us all looking 2 shakes above shitty. At the same time;)

sometimes my mind is still blown that I'm a mother of 2. That Jacob and I have created 2 other humans that we have to guide and support through, what can be, a veryyyy...big world:) Bringing these babes into this world has been the most natural thing I've ever done. The best thing I've ever done and something that has felt the most right to me. But the part of mothering...that has been so so very hard. Constantly comparing. Feeling like you're falling short. Feeling like you're failing them. Losing your patience and crying yourself to sleep from exhaustion. And then starting all over the next day in hopes that you'll get it right. 
In 2 short years I've realized, rather quickly, that there will probably be very few days where I go to bed high-fiving my husband cause we got it I think there will be many more struggles than successes but I'm trying to keep in mind that those struggles will add up to lessons learned:)

some days I want to run away from it all. Back to when drinking...wait...not that far. Back to when it was just Jacob and I and very few cares in the world:) But these babies...oh man. They're worth every pain in my ass. I love them. I love them the hardest you can love anything. And that's even a pretty pathetic attempt at describing my love for them. 

i love that right now Theo smiles and coo's when I lay her on my lap and talk to her:)
i love that right now Homer runs into my arms when I show up to get him from the sitter's...unless Jacob's standing behind me...then Homer runs towards me as if he's going to jump into my arms and then last minute, avoids me and runs into Jacob's arms. Not gonna lie...that shit stings a little;')

someday I hope Theo is calling and texting and skyping me from far away lands...where she's traveling and learning and helping people:) 
someday I hope Homer searches the crowd to smile at us while giving a speech at his High School Graduation - we figure he'll either be Valedictorian or naked under his robe because he lost a bet;)
*notice how my vision for Theo is not tainted yet. She hasn't grown and hurt me in the ways that a toddler can hurt you mentally;)

i just can't wait to see where the years take us and how I grow as a mom and how we grow as a family! This has been the greatest and happiest (even when at our worst) adventure of my life, thus far:)

i was cruising google for a good "mom quote" but this made me ugly I'm gonna go with it;')

...Being your mom means I insist that you are kind. I take out the "you are special" plate at dinner when a teacher tells me you cheered up a friend or you helped to clean up during recess that day. When others do something mean or that you know is wrong, I expect that you will do the right thing. You know deep down what is right, and so you do it, even if it is hard and makes you unpopular at the moment. I am most proud that you are a good person.
Being your mom means the ultimate satisfaction when I feel your happiness. You read me a poem you wrote, you perform on stage and our eyes meet, you make a new friend and burst into the house with the news, you score and look towards the sidelines as I cheer. Your happiness and pride, even more than your accomplishments, make me deeply happy...
much more if you click the link above:)

happy mother's day to all the women in my life. In all the ways you've helped...listening to me while I complained or cried or vented about how hard it is...or taking over so I could sleep...or delivering food when I wasn't feeling well...or just tucking my babies into bed or taking them so Jacob and I could get away...for hugging them and feeding them lunch and giving them timeouts when they deserved a beating;)...for bringing them an adorable outfit or pair of shoes...a birthday gift...for loving us and them like your own. I couldn't do it without you. We deserve, for all we endure as 'Mother's', all the wine that there ever was;)
and if you made it to this sentence...and even read HALF of what I're my hero;)

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