Sunday, June 1, 2014

sleep smile:)

we had a great weekend and spent as much time outside, in the sun - slathered in SPF and mosquito repellant, as we could manage! The stack of dishes and piles of laundry waiting on me reflect that;)

now here are some photos of me and my favorite littles:) The little nuts that light up my life! As I mayyyy have mentioned in my Mother's Day days as their mom can be so difficult sometimes. And leave me feeling a bit...exhausted...defeated...
But at the end of the day...I love them. I love being their mom. I love raising them up each day and having them raise me up right back:)

i love love love these photos of me and my babies:) I had us all ready for a wedding shower this morning and the tree looked we quick ran out there for some photos! Courts takes a damn good picture:):)

and because a good thing can only last aboutttt 20 minutes...Homer threw himself into a puddle the minute I turned my back! Real life:)

i'm the only one in the house awake right now. I kinda want to burst cause this kind of quiet barely exists for me anymore. And it's late and I've got such a long list of To Do's. But first I'm gonna hit Publish on this post. And then I'm gonna walk right by that list and drop my ass into bed. Today...this entire weekend...was so good to us. Homer threw a few fits. I managed Target with 2 kids in under 15 minutes and without buying ANYTHING I didn't need. Theo shit through her adorable outfit at the Wedding Shower we went to - I called that;) And I exposed my breast to at least 4 people...accidentally, of course;) - and you're welcome cause I assume that was life changing;). Nothing could bring us down though:)

tonight i'm going to bed with a smile on my face:)

"I have found that if you love life, life will love you right back." 
- Arthur Rubinstein

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