Tuesday, June 3, 2014

month2: Theo:)

sleep is being had in our household. THANK.YOU.JESUS!! It only took our baby girl 7 weeks to learn how to be a baby. THEO...baby's SLEEP!!! Dummy;)

there was a time I'd brag to my friends about how I was only getting 4-1/2 hours of sleep at night and still functioning - why I thought that was brag-worthy...no clue. Now I laugh in that silly bitches' face. HA! 4-1/2 hours a night...all at one time?!?! What's THAT like?! I think for the first 7 weeks of Theo's life I averaged 4-1/2 hours of sleep every 52 hours. I wish that was a dirty lie. It is not.

but for the last 2 weeks...she's slept. And for the first time in 8 weeks...I don't feel like I'm just trying to get through the day/night. I'm looking at Theo...really looking at her and enjoying her! Don't get me wrong...I've loved this girl for so long. I loved her even when she was just a weird lookin' bean in my belly;) I'm not gonna lie though...when she was wide awake at 3AM...after 12hrs. of being wide awake...I was not her biggest fan;)

i just went back to work a week ago and it wasn't difficult. I wasn't sad about leaving the kids. I wasn't upset about 'working'. I was mostly fearful that I'd forgotten how to do my job. That wasn't the case;) But it's been a good week. The kiddos and I are having so much fun and having a lot of laughs and enjoying this gorgeous weather. The recent smiles have been a long time coming:)

8lb 12oz (when she was born 3/30/14)
8lb 5oz (when we left the hospital 3/31/14)
8lb 8oz (at her check-up 4/2/14)
8lb 15oz (at her weigh-in 4/9/14)
10lb 11oz (at her 1MO check-up 4/29/14)
13lbs 2oz (at her 2MO check-up 6/3/14)

baby girl is already all smiles and coo'ing. She's just so freaking adorable. My own BABY...is giving me freaking baby fever! I've definitely lucked out with these babies of mine. They are sooooo totally meant for us and I absolutely believe that every ounce of our crazy seeped right on into them;)
As I sit here typing this, Homer's watching the video above and saying "theo's cheekers, cheekers, cheekers!". The boy loves him some cheekers:)
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