Sunday, June 8, 2014

no really, tell me how you really feel...

have I ever mentioned how much I LOVEEEEEEE...LOVE?!?! I swear I love love...even while not buzzed up at a wedding reception;)

the kiddos and I survived an entire Catholic Wedding Ceremony on our own - I'm the only one who cried:'). Homer was quite curious as to who the people were on the hymn books. I was familiar with one: Jesus. Who I explained was sleeping. So the entire ceremony he kept saying "Jesus sleeping. SHHHHHHHH." Homer was pretty concerned about who the dude was next to Jesus and unfortunately, I'm not Catholic or familiar at all with that I deemed that guy: Dave. Homer got a few chuckles from those around us when he kept talking about 'Jesus and Dave';)

jacob joined us around 10PM...after the entire dinner and most of the dance. By then we'd managed to get through food and diaper AND outfit changes. As well as one breakdown and time out...spilled orange juice and my first time nursing at a bar while sipping a beer. Stay classy, Smith's;)

but through it all...these kids of ours were SO great and I was ready for it. I took it all in stride and we ended up having such a fantastic time! By the end of the night, Jacob was chit chatting with friends. I was sitting with Homer sleeping on my chest while sipping a drink and Theo was beside us in the car seat watching the lights. We were watching everyone dancing and having a great time, while music played and it had a smile on my face:)

i was lucky to have my BFF and her kiddos at the wedding with us. They were helpful in distracting Homer when needed and she to hold Theo when I needed to use the restroom or get feeling back in my arm;) THANKS GERD!!!:)

i was super excited to take Homer to the reception because at previous dances, he's really busted a move. I think because he missed his nap...he was a bit of a zombie. He wanted to dance...but only if you were holding him and even then...he showed NO emotion;) 

by 1030PM he was only worried about the 2 golf balls he had found...and then he did some planking;)

around midnight Jacob and I looked around and realized we might be those people...the only assholes still there with kids! OOPS!!;) We started wondering if it looked kinda silly that we were still there but the kids didn't seem to mind and we were enjoying ourselves:) So of course we took the photo below to represent our white trash selves;)

and then as we were packing the kids up and getting ready to leave, a woman came up and wanted to hold Theo and since we were both too shitty to care - I KID!!!;) - we obliged:) She seemed nice enough;)

but she went on to compliment me on how well behaved the kids were and how great I was with them and patient. It made Jacob and I's night (MONTH!!!). That comment made us feel like maybe we can do this! Just mayyyybeee we aren't so bad at this!? But the point isn't what fabulous parents we are (obviously...that's obvious to those around us;) BUT that if you have something nice to say: you like someone's shoes/top/dress/tie, they give you good customer service, have a nice smile/pretty eyes, you witness them being kind to someone else, you watch them have a great day with their kids. 

TELL THEM! Walk over there and tell them they're doing a great job. That they look amazing. That you appreciated what they just did. 

i know it's made a difference in my day. Turned it around, actually. Next time...don't just think it to yourself. Tell them and maybe they'll have a great day when they otherwise wouldn't have:)

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