Friday, July 4, 2014

birthday boy:)

so we have a 2 year old...well, 2 years/2 months. Had I written about Homer turning two...when he turned two...this may have involved more swearing and tears and napping - cause crying makes me tired;')

we agreed to celebrate their 1st birthday's big (which makes a whole lot of NO sense cause they won't remember any of that:/) and then after the 1st we'll just have family over and snacks and what not. Although, our 'family' is  made up of 13 grandkiddos and 13 adults...and 2 cats and 8 dogs. So every birthday will be a BIG birthday, regardless;)

but I look forward to the day that the kids can choose what special breakfast or dinner they want or friends to have over or where they want to go for their birthday:) - this in no way involves me looking forward to them aging:''''( cause that shit is just bananas. b-a-n-a-n-a-anas;).

jacob and I got up super early to blow up 72 balloons. That process was amazing;) Sitting outside your 2 year olds room at 5AM, blowing up over 70 balloons and chucking them on top of him while he sleeps peacefully in bed...not creepy at all;)
At one point...maybe lack of oxygen on my part...we were laughing so hard and then I may have been balling. You've never laughed so hard that it turned into a super sad...hard...cry?!;)

homer loved it...and then I cried. Super hard;)

big smile. big, urine-filled morning diaper:)

we could have saved ourselves about $80 had we just bought this balloon and called it a day. New scooter and helmet vs. balloon...the balloon will win EVERY.TIME.

i always say I'm not going to put too much into this little 'gathering' and then before you know it I've hit up the Target Dollar Section for cute straws and cups and plates and sweating over a blender making the most amazing Orange Julius';) Totally.Worth.It.

i best get my cookie-making shit together before Homer gets old enough to realize his mom sucks at doing 'mom' things;)

aunty Pigg - Birthday Boy Homer - Tayt


i love us:)

homer with his 'sponsors', Lia and Peyton:)

looking back on these photos brings tears to my eyes. Most photos of the kids do now-a-days:') I love these kids so so very much and I don't know how I hold it together most days, walking around loving something this enormously. The thought of them getting older is painful but so wonderful at the same time!

another wonderful year has passed....whaaaaaaaaaa;)

happy 2nd birthday to my spunky, pain in the ass, shrieking, brilliant, hilarious little boy. Thank you for making me a mom Homer-boy:)

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