Sunday, July 6, 2014

month3: Theo:)

baby girl is now 3 months old...and adorable. The End.

3 months old has been so fun! Her little personality is shining through! She's jabbering and kicking and she's formed a love/hate relationship with the car seat. Currently she's fast asleep in it. WIN. But the minute we load her up to head out on a road trip. Shit will be lost!!!

she continues to sleep so well! I find myself being super dumb all the time...instead of enjoying the fact that she's sleeping on her own...I want to scoop her up and have her sleep in my arms. Cause I miss her constantly. Even when she's in sight!

i love taking her places. She's my little bestie. LET'S GO TO TARGET THEOOOOOO!!!!!!:);)

i wasn't sure what it would be like to have a girl but it has turned into my most favorite thing:) I can't wait to see the differences in her and Homer's personalities as she grows older:)
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