Sunday, July 6, 2014

month25: Homer:)

i'm so behind...Homer's actually turning 26 months in just a few days! I think he looks less like a baby now then he does in these photos!:'( And his hair has gotten a tad longer but Auntie Vicki is coming to town in 2 short weeks to give him his 2nd hair cut:):)

what can I add about Homer....

he's such a whipper snapper. SO full of personality! I know I've said it before...but I was convinced we'd get this super chill kid. My instincts are pretty much always off and they definitely were in the case of his personality;) Homer is so.pumped.all.the.time! And about 67% of the's hilarious. Other times...he's hanging off your back, biting your neck. He's an animal folks;) He's taught us more about patience than I'd ever wanted to know;)

but he's such a good kid:) He sleeps so well at night. Has since the day we replaced his crib with his own little star wars sheets covered mattress on the floor:) He likes to tell me "mama, it okay" and give me a kiss when he thinks I got hurt or that I'm upset. There's NOTHING cuter. Nothing:)

every day his eating habits improve. Until recently...I wasn't sure how he was surviving because of how little he was eating. But he's getting steps:)

homer is speaking SO well. Full sentences. Putting things together that I wasn't aware he was aware of! We've also learned that he has a hard time pronouncing things like: celery or hippopotamus. But the word fuck. Clear as a bell;) Time for mom and dad to clean up their mouths cause we have a mocking bird in our presence;)

potty training has not begun. He shows interest. Sometimes he pees in the potty. Sometimes he asks to poop in the potty but doesn't poop in the potty. Sometimes he asks to poop in the potty but only pees in the potty. Most of the time he hides and shits in his cloth diaper;) It's obvious neither of us is ready for that undertaking;) 

homer is a daily reminder to stop and smell the roses. To enjoy the here and now. I love him. I love him. I love him. I can't imagine him a day younger or a day older than he is this very second. He makes me so incredibly proud...proud of him and proud of what he's helped Jacob and I to become:)

and here is Theo...holding her own and proving that she can make just as much noise as her older brother;)

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