Thursday, July 10, 2014


holiday weekend...a warm one...THE.BEST!!!!:)

our Fourth of July was filled with tons of family, the beach, good food and drinks, a little time in the garden...we enjoyed it to the fullest! I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking:)

jacob is normally alwaysssss working - annoyinggggggg;) But we were lucky enough to have him join us for a few of the get-togethers and one of the 2 days we spent at the beach:) And time with Jacob making him take the most amount of photos of our faces together...EVER:)

we worked on giving Theo's pasty white bod a bit of color - KIDDING;) But she did so well at the beach. The heat can be a bit uncomfortable for the little ones but they managed to hold it together enough for us to have a good time and work on our own pasty white bods:)

theo pukes more than she does anything else in her life. Blah;)

we're fortunate that the kiddos haven't been too bothered by the fireworks so we all get to sit and enjoy the show:) Although, those big BOOMS - that sound like a canon -  that have no color or really ANY POINT IN LIFE kinda piss me off!

homer: "ohhhh my goshhhhhh. oh my goshhhhh". 

i love warm days. no work. and day drinking beach hangs:)
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