Sunday, August 10, 2014

Colby Cheese Days. That's a thing.

a few weeks ago already, our small town had a little festival. There are rides. A beer tent that opens at the same time as the kiddy rides;) Chocolate shakes. A cheese curd throwing contest - really. Tractor pulls. Softball games. You name it:)

in past years I've gotten completely drunk and renamed myself (Crazy) and my bestie (Crunch) lived it up;) But since settling down a bit...I still look forward to this weekend but for other reasons entirely;)

this year I was super excited because Homer is 2. He's crazy. But the point is...I knew he'd love the rides!!! The photos aren't really showing how mind blown he was but he was. Mind blown. At one point he may have bitten someone. Yep, he did bite someone. I wanted it to seem as if I didn't know whether that actually happened...but yeah, it did. For sure. I saw it;) We gave him a pass because get bite happens;)

and I was totally THAT mom: "Jacob...LOOK! Are you watching him? Look at him go around!!! He's loving it!! Do you see his face?!?! OMG. WHY AM I CRYINGGGG??!?!!!"

rowdy may have been the bite victim. She was. She got bit. 

jacob and I have always hosted the parade. That was until we moved from the street the parade goes down. This year we had no clue where all our friends and family would convene - what will become of us?!?!?!?!?!?! 
Our, always helpful, fam suggested that we write something into the lease with our renters about being able to come back each year for the parade...but alas...we decided it'd be easier to walk one block to our neighbor friends and take over their lawn:) 

thank you TESMER'S for allowing us to join you! I'm not sure if I made it clear...while not making it clear...that this will now be a tradition. Us and you...from here on out...till the end of time. Parade. Drinking. Babies. Boom;)

we bring a pile of babies wherever we go:)

 this kid is such a honey...the way he grabbed my arm...I loveeeeeee him:)

homer loved seeing all the 'big trucks' but I think his favorite part was the music that some of the floats played! At one point he even grabbed my hand and said "mama danceeeee!". I love that our boy loves music:)

and as food and more food:)

 heart eyes:)

we're hoping to make Cheese Days Weekend a tradition with our extended family - last year we were on our way to Florida with the same group...that would actually be a WAY more awesome tradition;). A bunch of them came up this year, including my Aunt Vicki, from Chicago. If you remember, she actually gave Homer his very first hair cut and seeing as she was in town and Homer's hair was a wee bit long...she gave him another trim!:)

just like with the carnival rides (will he cry and refuse to go on them?? - he didn't:)...I wasn't sure how Homer would do with another hair cut. He did very well the first time but you just never know what you'll get. WILL.HE.LOSE.HIS.SHIT?! But he sat perfectly the whole time!

i'm sure he would have sat perfectly regardless of whether we dangled cookies in front of him:)

o.m.g. My kid is perfect. Minus the fits and the biting and the rage. Otherwise...PERFECT!!!!;)

gathering in a drive-way with your lawn chair is pretty much the norm around these parts in the summer:)

it was a gorgeous weekend. The weather was kind to us and it was so great to just spend a few days with family! Jacob and I even got to go out on our own for a few hours. It felt good to flirt and hold hands...and pee in a porta-potty;)

counting the days until next year!:)

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