Tuesday, August 26, 2014


it's scary to think that summer is really coming to a close. TEARS. I'm a lot NOT okay with that. A big part of me feels like we have SO much left on our DO THIS SUMMER list. But my overall feeling is that we've been outside. We've worked in the garden. We hit up a pool. We drank in the sun:) We took a road trip. We left the state!! We hosted Bag Night a Cookout and outdoor Birthday Party! We spent 2 days at the beach. We ran through a sprinkler. 

it's been another incredibly good summer:)

these photos are from earlier in the summer. We spent the afternoon at Pigg's:) I don't feel like we got as many warm days as we've gotten in past summers (horse shit). But we took advantage when the weather did warm up enough to warrant diapers and nothin' else;)

here's to hoping fall holds off until Oct. 31:)

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