Monday, September 1, 2014

month 5: theo:)

our miss Theo Daisy is now 5 months old!!! The time is flyinggggg. Every day she looks a tad different to us. Older. Wiser:) She's been a busy bee these last few months!

- rolling over

- chewing on her feet

- only up about twice a night to nurse but still has a little trouble with that 8-11PM time where she hates her dad and only mom will do:)

- finding her voice. She mayyyyy like to scream (a littttleeeee bit too much like her older bro in that regard;)

- she likes to be cuddled and to be worn and just be in our arms:)

- she's a traveling nurser: a taxi in Chicago. a bus in Minneapolis. a Target dressing room. a bench at Mall of America. a grassy spot at The State Fair. :)

we're going on 5 months of solid nursing and it's been wonderful:) - and no teeth yet...which makes things less...painful;) Homer started teething at 4 months!!! - We're shooting for 10 months this time around (only did about 8/9 months with Homer). But I'm already thinking that in the next few weeks I'll be prepping the NutriBullet to make her some baby food! We didn't start solids with Homer until 6 months and that's the plan with Theo as well:)

these last few months have been wonderful. Theo has been the most amazing addition to our family. I still can't believe these babies are ours some days. Just over the weekend I watched Homer walking with his Aunt Pigg and talking with her. SPEAKING. Using words and sentences. I looked at him and couldn't believe that I grew him. That there was an exact moment in time that things came together and made him. That he grew so perfectly into him and then came into this world...

and yeah. It's just some crazy shit...that before they got here...I didn't know what we'd get. What to expect. And now they're here and they're perfect for us and how did it happen that something...someone...knew that they were exactly what we needed? 


i don't want to imagine Theo as a toddler or her first day of school or leaving for college or getting married...but sometimes I do. A lot of times I do. I think of Theo differently than Homer. Maybe it's because she's a girl. Because I have a feeling she's always gonna need me a little extra than Homer does. And maybe because I get the feeling Homer will eventually tire of me and wake up one day (when he's 32;) and be annoyed that I made him "pan-a-cakes" and finally move out;)

POINT: homer's gonna rip my heart out all at once. Super fast. Impressively fast. Like: See YA. Theo's going to take it piece by piece:'(

and it's sick that I want a few more of these little turds so that they can murder my heart over and over again...forever;)

all links are to something similar because these are older purchases:)

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