Friday, May 29, 2015

i wish i could grow things besides babies...

so I thought growing a human would be the most difficult thing I would ever have to grow. Not to mention keeping that human alive. Turns out...that shit's a walk in the park;) It's plants and flowers. I'm where they go to die. Immediately. 

myself and mostly my sister and her husband and my $50 cash contribution...are starting our own private garden this year. OFFICIAL SHIT!!!! We're super excited to reap the benefits of this garden!! As you may have already picked up on from all those Wish Lists that never come to be anything but that...we're mostly broke...all the time...except for the occasional MOA Trip and Target stop...and then immediately back to broke;) So we like to do the cloth diaper thing and grow food and turn all the lights off in the house at all times and never use the air conditioner;) Priorities!!!

we've had a ton of help in the last few years, in the form of an amazing neighbor/Jacob and Dave's aunt, Linda. SAINT, I tell ya!!!! She taught Courts everything she knows about gardening and we're putting, what actually stuck;), to good use this summer!

our new plot is located at the back of Courts' property - much closer to the house than in past years. Making it easier to run an extension cord for the coffee maker watch the kids while we weed:)

as mentioned above...I'm not much help in the 'growing shit' department...or browning meat or not napping. BUT I'll do what I can, even if that's just keeping the kids busy while Courts plants or collects or cans:)

wish us luck!!!! And follow along on Instagram for extra fun updates!! 
Hashtag: #smithsgrowshit2015

and now all the pretty photos of my first Greenhouse experience! I've seriously been missing out!:)

greenhouse tip #1: don't bring 3 1yr olds and 3 toddlers and a 5 year old. Extra dumb.

i do have to add that they were all seriously, OK. No breakdowns and overall, they just wanted to help. Tricking them into thinking it's serious business to carry a tomato plant back to the cart, was a huge success;)

true that.

:) this is me...happy, times 3:)

i'm a lot in love with this hat and have mentioned to Jacob a time or 10, that he needs to take me somewhere foreign where me and this hat will be in our more natural a France;)

greenhouse loveeeee!!!
Hashtag: #cousinsgottahug

give me ALL the babies!!!!!!;)

thanks for following along! I'm soooo much happier and content when there's sun - who isn't?...and babies...can't wait to really enjoy the summer of 2015:)

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