Saturday, May 30, 2015

month 14: theo daisy:)

this little girl is my kryptonite:) I love her in a way I never knew possible. She continues to cuddle and want only me and refuses to be put down for any extended length of time...and I'm down with her demands:)

theo daisy is 14 months and it's blowing my mind. I don't think the passing of time hits me as hard as when I look at these photos. She is such a sweetheart and pretty much the cutest thing on this entire planet. Yep...I checked...cutest.thing.on.the.planet!!!;)

we've been waiting on this little nugget to start walking...her brother didn't accomplish that feat on his own until abouttttt 16 months but yesterday, the day before she turned 14 months...she took her very first steps! WHICH we were lucky enough to catch on video - see below:) 
Between my own 2 and my combined 11 nieces and'd think the excitement of those first steps would wear hasn' doesn' you may gather from my 'squeals' in the video;)

so proud of our baby girl!!!
We're just having a great time as a family of 4. Homer is being such a big helper and is such a polite little boy:) I'll leave out his forever sassy mouth and love of the words: Butt Hole and Chicken Butt....lordy;) And Theo is turning into such a lady...a dramatic lady...but a super cute and cuddly and happy little lady. We're all so happy and excited for the new addition and for a summer together to prepare:)

as always, thanks goes to Courts for the adorable photos:)

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