Sunday, June 28, 2015

we did all the things:) in 1 weekend.

last weekend wassssss...magical. EVERYTHING. It was just untoppable - apparently, not a word?. Although, I have a feeling we'll be topping it all summer long cause this summer is THE SHIT - in a super good way;).

75. The number of photos I'm about to sink into your brain in this post! SORRY...not;) Now, get scrolling cause this could take all night;)

we began the weekend by taking an hour filling Homer's pool and then watching them not play in the pool for aboutttt an hour. Good times;) And Theo's new fav pasttime: climbing into/onto chairs and then falling out of them. Again...good times;)

on Friday we joined my sister and her family at a friend's 'land'. It's beautiful. The end.
We took a pretty intense one point I had Theo on my back...Homer in my arms and a baby in my belly...I mean...WHA??? Luckily, we were headed downhill at that point;) But Homer was SUCH a trooper! Oh, my gosh. Best 3 year old hiker. EVER. I mean it. So proud of my little guy for not complaining and walking up some seriously steep the point of it qualifying as 'climbing' and doing all that for over an hour and a 1/2!!:)

nothing makes us feel much better than fresh air, warm weather and walking! The great oudoors...sighhhh:)

HEY, there's a chair that she's about to fall out of!!!!;)

later that night, we spent a few hours at my Grandpa's farm:) Dad took Gramps out for dinner and we kept an eye on my Grandma - who has severe Alzheimer's:(. It was a nice night and sadly, I don't get over there to visit nearly enough. I was happy to help out and get my Gramps out of the house for a few hours!:)

gosh...where do I start with Saturday!??!?

my good friend, Karey, bought me a ticket to a Country Music Concert! I don't get a lot of opportunities to do these types of things...let alone without the kids, or Jacob...and Country music??? But it was...fabulous!!! It was myself, my sister, Pigg, Karey and her friend (our new friend;), Kristin:)
The Line Up: Old Dominion, Cole Swindell, Brantley Gilbert, Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney
They were all SO good! I definitely left as a new fan of a lot of their music, Old Dominion, especially:)

it was just a great day from morning till...morning;) I was up around 5AM for a walk to start the day and landed in bed at about 3AM on Sunday morning!! I think we all had a sleep-deprevation-hangover. I could argue that this is worse than any hangover related to alcohol that I've ever had. EW.
Thank you AGAIN a million times over to my friend Karey! It was just such a blast and I'm so happy that I got to join you!!:)

*our only request, for our drunk photographer from the row behind us, was to get Jason Aldean IN the photo...Nailed It;)*

*my BFF - on the Left - was attending the same concert...that was as similar as our experiences were;) For example: 
- I was DD in a car full of a Prius
- she, along with about 14 other people, rode in a Party Bus...bathroom and 2 stripper poles included;)
Love ya Gerd!!!!!;)

we ended the weekend on Father's Day...doing a little fishing and walking and eating:) 
Watching Jacob teach Homer to 'fish/cast', was just the sweetest. And I may be biast, but Homer caught-on SO quickly and can seriously cast like a little pro!!:)


thanks for hanging in there for this post, guys! I know it was kinda longgggg-ish;)
And if you have another 4 minutes to spare...a little video that covers the weekend as well!

happy summer!!!!:)

the smith's.

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