Thursday, June 25, 2015

week20:) - #smithbabythree

as always, thanks to Courts for the adorable photos:)

as of today, June 25th, I'm about 20.5 weeks:) I had my 'big' Ultrasound. Which went really well:) I'm always pretty anxious up to this point, in hopes that things check-out okay and the baby's doing okay. And we got the word that everything looks really great at this point. PHEW:)
That's not to say that I won't continue worrying about how this baby is doing...I mean...HOW can it come out with all it's limbs and all the brain parts and little bones and the correct number of fingers and toes and the ability to breath and move and LIVE...HOW?!?!!? This process just never ceases to amaze me:)

we don't find out what our babies are prior to the BIG that's still a mystery. To us and even the Ultrasound Tech:) I always like knowing whether they the past they've said: "yep...I know - sneaky smile;)". BUT this one said she chooses not to look either! SO no one really knows and that's super exciting as well:)

due date 
November 9th:)

boy or girl
feeling very confident it's a girl...most others agree with that guess:) Hoping to put together  a little Baby Pool in the next month or so! - let me know if you want in on that (it's $1 for your guess and winner gets all the monies:)

2 solid boy names and a long, continually growing, girls list!!
We're always looking for new text/email me your suggestions!!!

some favs that we've taken off the list: GIRL  beckett - the BFF's pick:) BOY dexter (this was actually the 2nd boy name we went in with when we had Homer and obviously, it lost...but it dropped off the list completely after that!!).

boom. Happening:)

i'm actually weighing in a few pounds less than I was when I was at this point with Homer and I'll take that as a win!:) Maybe the walking and warm weather is doing some good in that department! But I'd like to turn things around from this 1/2 way point...more exercising, LESS fast food:/

start weight: 136lbs
current weight: 152lbs
total weight gain: 16lbs
*for reference...I've gained a solid 55lbs with both of my previous pregnancies - pausing for gasps;) - so it's probably a good thing my start weight is a bit lower*

i want to go shopping for ALL the things in the WHOLE world. Arg. I love shopping:) 

Right now I'm still doing well in the wardrobe department but it may be time to implement some of the Maternity Tub items:) And I've got my eye on a few nice long tanks from Target that look like they'll be the ticket while nursing:)

baby buysi've actually been patiently waiting by the mailbox for some Gap onsies:) They're the boy and girl outfits that we'll pack for the hospital and bring baby home in - and with free shipping and my coupon they were only about $14.50 ea....which is actually good for GAP quality:)!!! 

i don't know if it's being 1/2 way in or having the big appointment under our belts or Theo walking on the regular now and just being such a big girl to us that maybe I feel a tad more...ready?...but today has me 100 times more excited than I had been previously:) I just love this baby and I love the babies we've already brought home and I'm just a shit show of love right now;)

the forever pregnant one;)

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