Thursday, July 2, 2015

month 15: Theo Daisy:)

i loveeeee this age:) The age where even while throwing fits, I just want to pick her up and love her and snuggle her and make it all okay...even though it really was all just okay and her fit was over the speed in which I was throwing Cheerios at her face!!;)

yes...Homer, at timesssss...can make me...angry;) BUT Theo's just not there yet. I'm still in denial that she ever will be:)

i'm just so in love with her and although, I kinda feel in my guts that I'm giving her a baby sister in November...I sometimes hope it's a boy cause I can't imagine what another baby girl will be. I can't imagine her being anything but our perfect, little Theo Daisy:) But even if it is a girl - which it will be and that will be so, so okay:) - I know she'll find her place in our hearts and homes and her personality won't be Theo's...but it'll be perfect, none the less:)

some quick stats: 
Theo's a walker. As of 14-1/2 months - coming in 1-1/2 months sooner than her big bro;) - she's a full-time walker:) She's weighing in at about 21-1/2 pounds...healthy and tall:) She says Mama and Dada and Get:) She's beautiful and quirky and she is doing new things every day! A few weeks ago she took a colored pencil to paper and just kinda...drew:) I know that probably wasn't her intention and had the white wall and a sharpie been available to her...she would have 'drawn' on that as well;) And when I came home from work today, she stood at my feet and yelled and had this open mouth smile with her little hippo teeth hanging out and she just thought she was so funny! Something about them cracking themselves up that cracks you up:)

this little girly is gonna be a handful and I look forward to every minute of it:) - I can say this now because she's tucked in bed and has slept through the night for at least 3 months. HALLELUJAH!!!!

so we don't baptize the kids. That's a lengthy conversation and I won't get into that now but there's a level of importance to us that the kids have what we have deemed: Sponsors. 
We also think it's important for the family and kids to know that this is important to us, even if it's not exactly what it looks like in their Church. BUT in respecting their religion and the seriousness of being a Godparent, we choose not to use that term...seeing as they weren't actually being Baptized...

blah blah blah. 

if you head over HERE...I feel like I explained it pretty well the first time around with Homer:) - PS. 2nd child syndrome...we got Homer's photos with his sponsors at 2 months...Theo at 14 months. Shiiiiittttt;) PPS. it is some kind of torture and unexplainable pain to look back on photos of my now 3 year old, when he was just 2 months old. I.Can't:'(

we've got another amazing kiddo on our hands and we're so lucky to have so many amazing nieces and nephews in our lives:) Austyn are Tayt are 2 of 11 nieces and nephews and they're wonderful little humans and I know that the task of being a Sponsor for our Theo is just as special and important to them as it is to us:)

and now the process of getting a photo...these are while I was standing near. Fail.

and when mom's NOT around...happy as can be! Dear lord;)

nailed it:)

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