Monday, July 13, 2015

week23:) - #smithbabythree

somewhere in there, I lost a week! I haven't taken photos since Week20 and I've been trying to do them every 2 weeks...I'm sure you all survived but what happened at Week22?!?!?!? - hi. Pregnancy Brain. Nice to meet you...again;)

things have been so good here. SO SO busy. I think? But we're plugging away and I feel great and the kids have been at a super high level of adorableness over the last few weeks - plus a lot of sass and fits and the pooping in all of the cloth diapers...all that good stuff;). Jacob'ssssss hanging in there;) We have a few friends and family that will be in town over the weekend and therefore, in and out at our home...and so I'm all: EVERYTHING THAT ISN'T DONE, THAT SHOULD BE DONE...MUST BE DONE. THIS WEEK. NOWWWW. And when you live in a fixer-upper...that ain't a short list:/ So we've been busting ass to get a few things crossed off the list that no one that actually visits our home will be aware of. You're welcome;)

where was I?! Oh, yeah...we're pregnant. 23 weeks pregnant and happy and feeling good and excited and I've been crying a lot. So there's that. Just happy tears. Content tears. And also big decision tears. Wanting to sell it all and live the way I feel like we should be living and are not living. So yeah. Lots of conversations and budgets and thoughts on where to go from here:) But all good things, really:) 
And staring at the kids and wondering where the time has gone and how we got to a place we never imagined we'd be. A very good place. A place that includes babies that mean more than the world to us. So many moments in the day spent watching Homer and Theo do random things and those glances that Jacob and I give each other...a smile that says so much more: how-did-he-get-here, she's-so-perfect, i-love-him-the-most-ever, i-love-you-for-doing-this-with-me glances. 

don't mind me, while I cry myself to sleep;') Below are the pregnancy details and some of my most favorite pregnancy photos to date - thanks Courts!

due date 
November 9th:)

boy or girl
this week...I have no clue!!! And I like that feeling. I like not having a strong feeling either way, that surprise when the baby gets here is like NO other surprise...ever:) I can.not.wait:)

2 solid boy names and a long, continually growing, girls list!!
We're always looking for new text/email me your suggestions!!!

some favs that we've taken off the list: GIRL maxwell BOY moses
I'm at a loss for names this week, so these are just some I've seen around the web...and once again, me and my love for a more masculine girl name!:)

boom. Happening:) - it's continuing to happen! APPARENTLY I'M PREGNANT!!!;)

some moments I feel huge and some, light as a feather...and then I get on the scale and dear lord!!!! I'm still doing some pretty consistent damage...

start weight: 136lbs
current weight: 158lbs (that's a guess...I don't have an appt. for another week or so:)
total weight gain: 22lbs
*for reference...I've gained a solid 55lbs with both of my previous pregnancies - pausing for gasps;) - so it's probably a good thing my start weight is a bit lower*

budget. budget. budddd-puke. So yeah, no purchases recently. BOO! 
That doesn't mean I don't have my Wish List;) 
Currently: THIS HAT. I love hats and I want all the hats. The end. Not the end...what does this have to do with pregnancy, you ask? Nada. Except everything. So there.

baby buys
you may have heard this one before butttttt:
budget. budget. budddd-puke. So yeah, no purchases recently. BOO!

 this one - above - is my favorite:)

and because sometimes it's fun to take a look back:)

 23 weeks pregnant with HOMER. totally oblivious to what it means to 'look' 23 weeks pregnant...ah, 1st pregnancies;)

23 weeks pregnant with THEO. i've embraced weight-gain at this point;)

and 23 weeks pregnant for a 3rd time. I can hardly believe I've been given the opportunity to do this, even 3 times. I love to do this:)

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