Thursday, July 30, 2015

week25:) - #smithbabythree

we're currently 25weeks3days. PHEW! I remember thinking that I'd feel "Far Along" when we hit 20 weeks...and now I keep thinking I won't feel "Far Along" until I'm 30 weeks...
When I say that I'm 25 weeks, I feel like we have plenty of time to go. No biggie. But then I think..that's like...less than 100 days...3 months. That gets me a tad nervous!!!

i feel so great and I had a moment today, watching Theo run(ish;) through the yard, where I felt like...We're ready!!! - I mean...we'll BE ready;) Theo's ready. It's allllllll gonna be okay:)

we're all excited for what's to come...this baby and hopefully, some bigger changes. The first of many of the changes, that I can report, is that we sold our BELOVED Prius:( I'm not gonna lie...I cried. Hard. I loved that car. It was the only thing in our lives that didn't feel like a 'fixer-upper'. But it needed to be done - most would guess, because we needed something bigger with the baby on the way but that wasn't it, I had every intention of squeezing 3 kiddos into that car. We needed a roof on our current home and this was the way to do that without acquiring more debt:/ I feel like because selling the Prius was so big for hard - that's what he said;) difficult...we're really going to get serious about our finances and make the sacrifices needed to live the kind of life we dream about:)

so for now...Jacob's driving a $500 Jetta and we'll be bringing the baby home in our 2001 Jeep Cherokee. Like...whoa;)

BUT this feels good. This baby. These decisions. The future.'s so bright...I gotta where shades:)

photos courtesy of: Courtney Smith Photography

due date 
November 9th:)

boy or girl
i'm still saying GIRL...but I think now I've been saying that for so long that maybe I'm just used to saying that??? I have no clue:)

2 solid boy names and a long, continually growing, girls list!!
We're always looking for new text/email me your suggestions!!!

GIRL ayda BOY ralph(ie)

yeahhhhhh...looking down at my belly, I feel like it's adorable and ALL belly. Then someone snaps a photo and ka-BOOM. yeahhhhh....I've got curves;)

apparently, it's possible to gain 10lbs in 4-1/2 weeks. That's real. We celebrated Tuesday's incredible weigh-in and 'all good' baby appt. with Taco Bell;) BUT since Tuesday I've started a very small 10min. work-out, twice a day. And my HUGE (almost impossible for me) to keep the weight-gain to 1lb per week over the next 15 weeks. Wish me luck;)

start weight: 136lbs
current weight: 161.5lbs
total weight gain: 25.5lbs
*for reference...I've gained a solid 55lbs with both of my previous pregnancies - pausing for gasps;) - so it's probably a good thing my start weight is a bit lower*

with all that being said...I feel great and have no problem with the amount of weight I've gained thus far or will gain from here on out. Bring it!!!!!!:)

no new purchases...just digging through the ol' Maternity Bin and most days all we're doing around here is going on walks and having coffee (no complaints;) tank tops, running shorts and sneakers/flip flops make up the majority of my wardrobe:)
I really look forward to these bump photos every 2 weeks to motivate me to put on something cute! We also have a wedding reception this weekend, so I'm excited to get dolled up for that:)

baby buys
nada! I am adding "organize baby bins" to the To Do List so that I can get baby clothes out and washed and sorted in the coming weeks. Also adding: DRESSER to the Needs List. Gonna need somewhere to put the new baby's wardrobe:)

homer pregnancy:)

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