Monday, August 3, 2015

month 16: Theo Daisy:)

i meannnnnnnnnnnn C O M E...O N. She is ridiculously cute. The End. 

her insane level of cuteness is definitely making up for this new thing she's doing...banging her head on the floor when she's upset/mad/doesn't get her way. 
PS. our house is made up of entirely hardwood floors. Eeeeshhhh. 
I shoulddddd also point out that I guesssss...I'm TOLDDDDD...that I also did this at about her age:/ My fits involved hitting my head against the floor...that is, until I moved from the carpet to the linoleum. Soooooo...I'm hoping that this hard-headed child of mine will grow out of this phase quickly;) what has Theo been up to lately? Well...she still does all the usual cute stuff: claps, clicks her tongue, cuddles, walks...kinda runsss?;)

but now she gives kisses, she likes putting shoes on or wearing her hat around the house, she realizes what bed-time means and she don't like it;) But she still sleeps through the night like a champ - Hallelujah!!!!. 
I've actually stepped in a pile of her shit or puddle of her pee over the last 2 weeks...we've hit the phase where she can't be trusted without pants on or she will immediately rip her diaper off:/ It only took one morning of me going to get her in her crib and finding her without a diaper and it looking like a baby made of baby shit had been murdered in realize that;)

she still needs me something fierce. Some have taken to calling her my mini-me...which I adore:) I do think I'm starting to see a lot of her dad in that pretty little face and I love that just so much:)

i was talking to a coworker tonight and she mentioned that she couldn't wait to hear our next name because she's loved hearing the names we've come up with so far:) And that gets me excited cause I'm pretty excited about the ideas we have so far!! 

mind you, we never decide, officially, on a name before we have the baby...we go in with 2 girls names and 2 boy names. Theo Daisy was one of 2 girl names we were considering and it was actually a bit behind in the ranks when we went in that night...but for whatever reason...Theo just felt more right when they told me we had a girl:) - I'll also mention that the name we didn't use that day is one of the 2 we have ready to go in with this time around:)

oh, Theo Daisy. You are one of a kind and sometimes when you have wonder HOW will they be different? How will they find their voice...their place...their own personality...I've come to realize, rather quickly, that that is the least of our worries. They always make themselves known and finding out who they are or rather, watching them figure that pretty damn fun:)

all photos courtesy of: Courtney Smith

cousin Will. cousin Theo. born 3 longggggg days apart;)

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