Wednesday, August 19, 2015

the 48hour smile:)

it's rare that my husband and I have weekends off TOGETHER. So sad:( But this past weekend...the stars aligned and we were able to spend 48 glorious hours a family. Jacob, myself, Homer, Theo and this extra 30lbs that we're blaming on the baby;)

the person I feel most comfortable and happy with in this Jacob:) So it was funny that when we left early Saturday morning for Copperfalls, with the kids loudly seated behind us...we both agreed that something felt weird. Like an awkward, first date feeling!!! We realized that we sure...sometimes get Date Days/Nights every few months - definitely due for one of those;) - but we have not had alone time with JUST our little family! It felt odd to us not to have our siblings there...our nieces and parents! We spend SO much time with them - which is damn lucky:) - but we just don't do a lot separate from them! I'm kinda laughing about that right now...cause both options are great and I'm not sure what my point is but it was such a fantastic day, all smiles...and all of a sudden, we felt like grown-ups - cause apparently, 2 kiddos and one on the way and 2 mortgages, hasn't done that yet;)

copperfalls was so beautiful! I've heard that it's even better in the Spring when the water is running a bit higher and even in the winter when things are all white and frozen! We definitely scouted camping options and really hope to make an overnight trip back there at some point next year!:)

the drive was about 2-1/2 hours each way and I thinkkkkk that was the only 'stressful' part of the day. IF you can call it that. Typical, being cooped up in a vehicle shit with the kids but we were in good spirits, so it had no negative affect on the day and you can see us taking it in stride HERE - Homer telling us what's what;). 

but we had a picnic lunch. walked a great trail around the falls...Jacob wore Theo with the Ergo and Homer walked and besides just a few times that I had to carry Homer for just a few minutes...they both did SO amazing:) It was a scorcher that day...upper 80' we treated ourselves to the beach after our hike and the water was a great finish to the day:)

all the photos you can handle below:)

we're starting to make this get-together at my aunt and uncle's cabin a yearly tradition. A much loved tradition!!!:)

it really is just the chillest day. We all bring a bit to eat and drink and then hang-out on kayaks and on the beach and do fishing and tan and just ENJOY:) I joked that next summer is MY summer at the cabin...meaning...Jacob can leave all his fishing junk supplies at home, chase kiddos and only bring me the boob baby when necessary and I'll be planted in a chair on the beach with a cool - alcoholic - drink in my hand:)

i felt incredibly lucky that Jacob was even able to come with us...2 days in a damn row of family time!!!!!!??? That's good stuff:)

again. Photos oh jeeeezzz;)

and I'll leave you with a quick video of our weekend:)

xoxo. The Smith's:)

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