Tuesday, August 25, 2015

week29:) - #smithbabythree

twentyyyyyynine. 29. the big two-nine. Nine-er. 

officially the most boring pregnant woman on the planet - good thing;)

no real news to report over the last 2 weeks. Today is a really good day. I feel really slim, for the most part - or at least I did before I just finished off a Snickers bar while doing this post. Oops;) But that 'feeling good' feeling could change with the wind...ask my husband;)

emotions have been at an all.time.high. *crazzzzyyyyy faceeeeee* Lots of crying on the way home to even the most upbeat songs;) Crying myself to sleep while thinking of death and my kids aging and Homer's first day of preschool - and grade school and college;) - and this baby coming and having 2 arms and 3 kids, WHICH DOESN'T ADD UP?!?!?!! and how Theo didn't sleep for 7 weeks after she was born and I almost had to be committed and what if this baby isn't a baby who sleeps either and then I DIE!?!?! and yeah...so the usual;')

have I mentioned how happy I am, though? Cause I certainly am:)

on with it...details below:)

due date 
November 9th:)

boy or girl
i felt like I looked like I was carrying a bit low in some of the photos Courts took today...which means girl to me?!

2 solid boy names and a long, continually growing, girls list!!
Kinda went through our girl ideas the other day and still as confused as ever! SO many optionsssss!!!:/
We're always looking for new names...so text/email me your suggestions!!!

GIRL avery BOY foster

new stretch marks every other day. YUM. Non-elastic skin is my new enemy:/

i started this post feeling light as a feather...2 paragraphs and a Snickers in and I'm all: I'M A FAT PIECE OF SHIT. Let's let the math do the talking.

start weight: 136lbs
current weight: 169lbs
total weight gain: 33lbs
(mind you...my weight gain soooo far is what most gain their entire pregnancy...I have at least 10 weeks to go. GOOOOODDDD STUFFFFF;)
Additional Stats:
I was 169lbs with Homer at 29WKS. I was 172lbs with Theo at 29WKS. SO we're just about where we are always at, weight-wise...but WHY!?;)

*for reference...I've gained a solid 55lbs with both of my previous pregnancies - pausing for gasps;) - so it's probably a good thing my start weight is a bit lower*

with all that being said...I feel great and have no problem with the amount of weight I've gained thus far or will gain from here on out. Bring it!!!!!!:)

my shirt is extra tight today...making it hard to breath but also making my arms looks super slim. SO...win:)

baby buys

nothinggggggg. So depressing. I miss my bestie, Target;( I miss those "let's go to Target and buy all the things...cause I'm PREGNANT, that's why!!!";) 

all photos courtesy of: Courtney Smith Photography

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