Monday, October 12, 2015

month 18: theo daisy:)


so we've hit a point - in this pregnancy and quite possibly, LIFE - where I am forgetting to do all the things. From paying bills (apparently, that happens monthly?!?!? SINCE WHENNNNN????;) to staying on top of these monthly posts! 

so here we are...about 12 days after the fact...Theo is 18 Months!!!!:) 1-1/2 years!!!! And that was certainly enough reason to break-out her turquoise jogging suit - duh!;).

theo is now just over 22lbs and the saying that suits her best: 
...though she be but little, she is fierce...

currently: she eats everything andddddd sometimes nothing. She walks...and kinda runs but only to keep up with her own pace:) She likes to make a dinosaur face/sound. She loves her dad but always chooses mom;) Papa might be her favorite! And she just recently added BuuuuuByeeeeee to her vocabulary:) She still loves our cuddles and very rarely spends time out of my arms - we're okay with this:). She's started to come to me and point at her diaper and laugh after she takes a poop - I'm at a loss as to what I want to do about this information at the moment;). Still a champion sleeper...normally, sleeping from 730PM-8AM - KNOCK ON WOOD!!!:). No hair cut just yet. And with Homer in school 2 days a week, for 2-1/2 hours...we've been getting some seriously enjoyable 'alone time' together:)

oh, Theo Daisy, you are just such a little spark in our lives!!!

 photos courtesy of: Courts


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