Friday, October 9, 2015

my happy place.

the emotional roller coaster that is taking Family Photos;)

courts took our photos a week or so ago and I gotta say, they're ALL my favorites;) I love the 'out-takes' just as much, if not more sometimes, than the ones that turned out perfectly posed:)

it's hard to believe this will be the last time capturing our little Family of Four:) As of today, we're ONE MONTH away from Family of Five status and we couldn't be more excited - and scared and anxious and nervous and HAPPY - ALL.THE.FEELINGS:)

i'll keep this short because there are plenty of photos to scroll through and today's To Do List is impressively long and I've got to go deal with Homer screaming in a Time Out and Theo is eating a bowl of oatmeal with her hands and that's going as well as you'd expect;) 

and it's not even 830AM. Let's do this, Friday!!!!:)

The Smith's:)

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