Tuesday, October 27, 2015

week 38:) #smithbabythree

13 days until D-Day!!! SO many things to get done before this baby arrives!!!!

install gutters on the house?! paint the office?! burn all photos from this computer to CD's and organize them all into folders by date?!

a LOT of irrational lists and crying going on over at the ol' Smith Residence;) Jacob pointed out that it seems I'm more stressed about birthing this baby than I had been with the previous 2. With Homer and Theo, contractions started and that moment we were getting into the car to actually head to the Hospital...THAT'S when I decided we'd made a mistake. I couldn't do it. NO!!!! But this time around, the crying and the "this can't be happeninggggg!!!!!" started about 2 weeks ago;) 

have I mentioned alllllll.theeeee.cryinggggggg;')

above all, things are going great. I feel good. A loooootttttt of that crying is due to pure happiness. We're excited about this baby and anxious for that feeling we've gotten each time our babies have arrived. The feeling that there was a spot in our lives and our hearts, intended for them, all along:) 

due date 
November 9th:)

boy or girl
we've had a few more boy guesses roll in for the Baby Pool! Which makes me doubt myself a tad that it's a girl...hmmmm....

2 solid boy names and a long, continually growing, girls list!!
NO progress on our girl's name. Crap.

We're always looking for new names...so text/email me your suggestions!!!

GIRL maple BOY kevin santiago
i seriously can't even say that boy name without laughing till I cry. Say it. Say it out loud. Say it out loud...with an accent. There:)

it's a tad itchy at times. New stretch marks - Hi, welcome assholes. Stay forever and ever.

start weight: 136lbs
current weight: 177.5lbs
a miraculous .5lb weight LOSS - unheard of;)
total weight gain: 41.5lbs

*for reference...I've gained a solid 55lbs with both of my previous pregnancies - pausing for gasps;)*

with all that being said...I feel great and have no problem with the amount of weight I've gained thus far or will gain from here on out. Bring it on!!!!;)

this last week has been good. The weather, here in WI, has been very mild for the end of October...so I was able to wear a few dresses and lighter layers. All very comfy/cozy:)

baby buys
nothing to report! 
Jacob and I went away for the night, this last weekend, and I had a handful of baby things at one point andddddd I put it all back - which made me look like that crazy person who wanders around the store for 25 minutes with a look on their face that says: "I need help finding something..." but I definitely didn't need help. It's that crinkled up face I make when I can't decide if $24 is too much to spend on a Christmas outfit...for a newborn...who will only wear it once...
25 minutes of my life...as well as the annoyed sales associates...that we'll never get back;)

photos courtesy of: Courtney Smith Photography

only one more photo to add...with the baby:)
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