Wednesday, November 4, 2015

month 19: theo daisy:)

heyyyy-yo. Just doing a couple quick posts while my lady-parts are still in-tact;) Theo's baby sis or bro will be joining us within the next week or so and so I'd like to be a tad ahead of the game. And by that...I mean: updated blog posts. 
As far as the laundry and dishes and filling the toilet paper holder and making sure the bills are paid ahead so there's less to worry about forgetting over the next few weeks...

i already forget my point;)

so here's Theo Daisy and isn't she the cutest 19MO old you ever did see?;) 

we've moved her up a shoe size:'( 

she's my little helper, throwing away her diapers when I ask - which is SO helpful...except for when I'm digging our cloth diapers out of the trash - we still need to work on cloth vs. disposable;)

she does this thing where she chews up her food and then spits it back out and if you can imagine what a pile of wet, sticky, nasty cat puke looks like? Yeahhhhhhh. It's a dieting technique I've heard of...maybe she's onto something cause she's got a pretty adorable figure;)

so many big changes coming for this little girlie. She's gonna be a big sister and even though that in itself is gonna be a HUGE change...I think I may be the one that has the harder time adjusting:/ We love our baby girl something fierce and we're so excited for her to gain a 2nd BFF, Homer being her 1st:)

happy 19MO birthday, baby girl. You are so rowdy and clingy and sometimes pretty aggressive and there's the occasional fit, that ends with your head meeting the hardwood floor (all self-inflicted - psycho?!;)...but above all are a JOY. :)

adorable photos courtesy of: Courtney Smith Photography

mom + dad :)
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