Monday, November 9, 2015

week 40:) #smithbabythree


today, November 9th, the Due Date of our 3rd baby:) This is the 2nd time I'll have reached our due date. We did with Theo as well - going 2 days late:) 

i'm feeling so good and so lucky to carry these babies all.the.way! I'm anxious but in the excited way. Not the "get this thing OUTTA ME!!!!" way;) I've got a household of Smith's - thanks Courts and family!!:) - praying hard for a healthy baby and tonight they're adding: smooth and swift delivery to that prayer:)
I really just can't wait to share the news of this healthy baby with you all and hopefully brag a bit about another completely perfect/quick/uneventful birth;) 

in other news...we don't have any ice-cream in this house - what the whaaaaa?!?!?!

oh, and I'm not going to do the whole pregnancy low-down cause nothing/nada/not a damnnnnn thing (including weight - hallelujah!!!!!!!!;) has changed since last week - see here for those details. So I'll spare you!

photos courtesy of: Courtney Smith Photography

PPS. this is the 1st shower I took in aboutttttt 6 days. I was holding out for the baby to you can see...the baby already won the 1st battle;)
1-baby. 0-me
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