Monday, November 9, 2015

three and 1/2. Homer:)

homer is 3-1/2 years old today!!! Definitely, the most...what's the word: interesting . exhausting . adventurous . entertaining . defeating . uplifting . enlightening . happiest . quickest . most satisfying . love-filled years of our lives:)

since turning 3, I decided to scale back on the monthly photos...we're shooting to grab a photo of him on his actual birthday and his 1/2 birthday...for as long as he's semi-agreeable;)

in the last 6 months, Homer's started Preschool. See HERE:) 
His 2, current, favorite phrases:
"are you kiddddddinggggg meeee??"
"comeeeee on, come on, come onnnnnnn!"
No personality at all, this kid;)
Potty-trained, has been for quite some time but not through the night yet. I fear this may take a bit longer:/
He's sleeping in a 'big boy' bed...aka. up off the mattress we had on the floor for him:)

he loves to cook and go to work with Jacob - I love both these loves as well:) He loves Minecraft - unsure how I feel about this yet:/ Homer doesn't get a lot of screen-time, seeing as we don't have cable. But he does get some time on the computer or our phones during 'rest time'. But we try to keep that to a minimum. With me sooooo pregnant, I've probably been taking advantage of his love for Youtube more than I normally would;)

this boy is full of stories, never stops moving OR talking. He's excited to be a big brother a brother. He claims sister's "go crazy", so he prefers a brother;)

i can hardly believe how much he's grown in such a short amount of time. We just looked through his 1st year book the other night - he loves seeing himself as a little baby - and it just seems like a different it never happened. I see him, as a baby...and I can remember it...but somehow it seems like a lifetime ago:( This growing up thing certainly doesn't get easier but I'm SO proud of our boy.

he also likes when I tell him how proud I am of him (when he sleeps through the night in his own bed or goes poop by himself or doesn't cry when I drop him off at school:). He says to me:
"mom, I like when you tell me you're proud of me! It makes me happy:)"

photos courtesy of: Courtney Smith Photography
painted toenails courtesy of: cousin, Rowdy;)

to 3-1/2 wonderful years with our little boy:)


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