Monday, August 16, 2010

it's ALL in the details.

i've got a lot of little thoughts today about things. The fun part about this wedding and it being ALMOST only a year away, is that things are finally starting to come together. And when I see something I like online I'm, more or less, just using that inspiration to tweak what I've already got planned or in mind! SO again...let me tell you whyyyy these things rock:

my wine bar was almost complete...waiting on homemade wine from my cousin and I will be searching flea markets and consignment shops for vintage, mismatched wine glasses in the coming months. BUT now I must assign someone super classy to man that wine table...yes. I must!
instead of going with 'soda' - mostly cause if we went with soda nothing short of the old fashioned glass ones would do for me...I have high standards;) we're hopefully going with mini bottled water AND juice pouches. Yes, I say pouches. Juice pouches. I love it. I don't care that my dad's side will catch wind of this and sneak soda in because they are addicts. YES. Addicts and they will most likely go through withdrawals without soda. Sorry Family!!!;(

holy lord, I love me a mini tall table. Also known as a cocktail table for you fancies out there. But this table is adorable and will hold a juice pouch rather well. So I will take 5.

photo courtesy of Once Wed via Smitten Photography
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