Sunday, April 17, 2011

tattoo itch.

i've been throwing a lot of ideas around for new tattoos. Don't get me wrong...I am Caaaarzzzy about tattoos but I know that I only want to get a handful more and I keep them nice and small. Super simple. So you won't be seeing me laying around anywhere in my knickers with my full body tats hanging out...lucky for you;)

but I do know that I'll be adding a few more in the near future.

And the ones I know I'll be getting:

1/ me and Jacob's wedding date...on the inside of my elbow.

2/ if children are involved in the future...I'll add their dates of birth under our wedding date.

3/ something in Spain. Still undecided whether this will be my wedding date or if I'll get that in the weeks prior to the wedding and save Spain for something completely new!!!

and so comes the inspiration. I'm SO antsy for a new tattoo that I have a feeling I'll be getting our wedding date prior to the wedding. So come hell or high water...we WILL be getting married that day;)

so since the wedding date is already taken...I'll need a new idea for while we're in Spain...

UP love the idea of the tattoo wrapping around the arm (and not barbwire;). Preferably text or just a thin line?!

DOWN if you're not already aware, me and Jacob have matching tattoos on our...left sides...I think!? eeek. We need to get a photo of us both with the tattoo...the artsy type shot below could work. But it needs to be much less 'sex' and much more 'coverage' and still look amazing. Can you make that happen Courts?!;)

UP a bunch of great inspiration:)

UP/DOWN these 2 are pretty much in the running for my Spain tattoo. Placement anyway. But what it'll end up being...I'm not exactly sure. BUT I do know that I Love the look of them both.

DOWN and if the above 2 don't pan out...the collar bone is beautiful.

all photos courtesy of Pinterest loves an amazing tattoo and I love each and every one of mine more than the last!
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