Sunday, February 3, 2013


sooooo...remember that amazing house we bought?!?! We still haven't moved in or anything. Not even close. BUT that doesn't mean a girl can't dream, right?!?:) SO this new post will be one of many over the next few weeks years months...and it'll include:

real: actual photos of the house - in it's current state

inspiration: photos/objects I've found that have inspired the future 'new' look of the room

hope: what I hope to make happen:)

first up...the Dining Room.
Both these photos are from the doorway of the kitchen. Straight ahead are the glass french doors (um, yes...SWOON!!!;) leading to the living room. And to your right is a built-in (um, SWOON...again;) that stretches across the entire South wall of the dining room. 

 jaquilynshumate - found via Instagram

i actually found this photo yesterday and immediately sent it to my mom who had suggested we consider putting paneling up in the dining room. When she first suggested this I wanted to punch her in the throat made a face...BUT once I had this visual...I knewwwww it's exactly what we needed to do:) Good call mother;)

below is a rough (VERY rough) example of the possible height of the paneling. I'd like to have it a bit higher - more like the inspiration photo - but the current built-in is a bit lower and we'd sort of have to follow with those lines. We shall see.

SIDE NOTE: the paneling would all be solid wood and stained. NOT painted. We are actually throwing around the idea of painting the kitchen cabinets - the kitchen is a bit small (think Galley style) and so my dad's thinking is that by painting it a lighter color (not white), it will brighten it up in there. 

POINT: i have been hesitant to consider painting the kitchen BUT with all this stained wood in the dining room...I feel like painting the kitchen may be a good possibility!

i'd love to have that buffalo print propped up on the ledge of the paneling on the North wall of the dining room. Which is where our current round wooden table would also be placed.

this wallpaper is an absolute MUST. My dad is not very supportive of 'wallpaper' but I'm gonna force him to help me make this happen;)
I think with the paneling coming up so far and only having the top portion of the room won't be SO "heyyyyyyyy...wall paper overload".

3 Pinterest inspired
Amazon suggestions: 1 - and no, we don't have $1500 in the budget for a drink cart;), 2, 3, 4 - my favorite out of the bunch
i've seen a lot of DIY drink carts lately and have fallen for them. I hope to jump on that bandwagon at some point. I'd rather find an old cart and fix it up, so that's been added to the Flea Market Wants List:)

so those are my far. And that's taken 1/2 the day to get down on this post and it still isn't PERFECT (notice the difference in color on that last photo...grrrr;). But I'm hoping to have all the kinks worked out by the time I move on to the next room!

SIDE NOTE: these are all justttttt ideas and I can promise you the finished product may look exactly opposite of this entire 'idea';)

be prepared to be bombarded with HOUSE posts as soon as we start the remodeling! You've been warned;)
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