Sunday, March 3, 2013

want it sunday.

my birthday month brings out the monster shopper in least the monster shopper 'dreamer' - aka. a girl who fills up her online shopping cart, becomes exhausted, naps and then forgets about full shopping cart for months:) - in me because I'm not actually getting any all most of these things:)

you know what else brings out the shopper in me: having no money!!! Why is it that when I go shopping WITH money budgeted to spend...I find nothing. NADA. But at the end of the month when our 2 mortgage payments are due and the dogs need their shots and I have a dentist appointment and we REALLY need not be spending excess money...THAT'S when everythingggggg looks good?!?! Hmmm. Riddle me THAT.;)

go some online shopping! Fill those carts around 10AM and then lay down with the kiddos during nap time! By the time you wake'll feel better about all those things you can't really afford;)

1 . 2 . 3

PS. these are all pretty trendy items. All things I've thought about getting in the past but haven't bought for fear they'll just sit in the closet for a year before I take them to Goodwill. Eeeekkkk!! 
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