Wednesday, January 15, 2014

let it snow:)

little ride:)

big ride:)

when the weather finally warms up to a scorching 30 degrees here in can find us outside with huge smiles on our faces and frozen tears on our cheeks!;')

we finally got outside with Homer last weekend and enjoyed a few hours of walking and sled riding! Homer loved it...according to the huge smile on his face the entire time!!:):) Jacob and I laughed that Homer probably hadn't seen the sun or fresh air in about 3 months at that point!!!! That may not be too much of an exaggeration!!!:/

and boy did that fresh air do him some good...he followed our outing up with a 3-1/2 hour nap. Which is pretty unheard of now-a-days!:)

attached are some videos of us playing! Try to concentrate on my son's happy grin and not our horrible 'overly cautious/excited' mom and dad voices;)

my definition of happy: above:)

my definition of sexy: my husband being a dad:)

anyone else out there totally annoyed with the fact that those boots. snow-pants. jacket. will all have to be replaced next year?!?! They grow-up too darn fast! Arg. Have I mentioned how excited I am for garage sale/thrifting/flea market season!??!:):)

my definition of awesome parents: "should we try hooking him to the dog???"..."uhhhh....yes!"

i hope you're all figuring out a way to survive these cold Wisconsin days!!!:)
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