Friday, January 17, 2014

week 30:)

i had my 30 week appointment 2 days ago. And for the 2nd time...I opted not to register at the Hospital. ARG. My energy level is pathetic as of late! Next time...promise:) 

as always and thankfully, everything checked out great! The baby's heart rate is normally in the higher 150's but the last few times has been in the 140's and I've had headaches for the last week straight! Signs of a girl?! Hmmmm:) 10 more weeks to cast your vote!

otherwise things have been pretty uneventful! I've been a tad stressed with the houses and finances and renters and such extra things that come with the New Year and tying up loose ends. But trying to believe that everything will fall together perfectly (and ideally before this child is born:) and just enjoy the last few weeks of this pregnancy!:)

due date 
March 26th...or before...or after!??:)

boy or girl 
still thinking boy...

we've got about 4 names that we feel fairly confident with at the moment. 2 boys. 2 girls. We're still trying to figure out some middle names for the girl names but I love this part, so not feeling much pressure yet:)

do you breath like a buffalo while blogging?! And nope...I'm not on the treadmill while I blog. I'm lounging on the sofa;)

i'm actually surprised and happy to report that I only gained 3lbs since 27wks. I was expecting to be more with having just wrapped up the Holidays! I'll take it. I believe it's a bittttt heavier than I was with Homer at this point but only by a pound or 2. And because we're currently trying to stick to a pretty strict budget...which means no fast food (boooo. wahhhhhh. irrational-overweight pregnant chick stomping feet!!!!!;)...I'm actually hoping to stay at 171 for the next 2 weeks - a girl can dream:)

current weight: 171lbs
total weight gain: 34lbs

i hadn't realized it but I may be reaching for this shirt pretty often. See my 27wk bump post! Oops;) But whatever works at this point. Every thing's tight. Every thing's somewhat uncomfortable. I refuse to invest in anything more:)

baby buys 
speaking of wardrobe...this counts as a baby buy: tighty pants - the photos are horrendous and I swear they make you super slim and sexy;) They are pretty much amazing and maternity or not...I'm heading back for a pair in XS to wear after baby - XS because I assume I will leave the hospital without the ass I bring in;)

also - this will be a tad more exciting for me than you;) - I will OFFICIALLY be on Maternity Leave in 65 days and only about 32 of those days are working days!!! March 21st will be my last full day at the Clinic during this pregnancy!

as I was thinking about how I'd like things to play out this time around with my time off...I remembered wanting to MURDER each and every person that said "still pregnant!!!??" as I walked in the door the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy with Homer. As hilarious as this is to everyone the one carrying the extra 50lbs and not having slept in 2 weeks and then having to deal with other people's problems all was a bit less amusing!!;)

SO I'm taking off the week of my due date. Just taking Vacation until the baby comes and then I will be taking 8wks off from the time the baby arrives:) SO I will/should be off from March 21st through May 26th:)

i'm dancing. dancing and crying. dancing and crying and being very pregnant. VISUALIZE!!!!;)
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