Sunday, September 6, 2015

labor day weekend. literally.

although, I was scheduled to work the entire Holiday weekend AND Holiday - fracking BOO - we still managed to have a fantastic time. 
Knowing that I was making a bit of money while working - not to mention the 'break' work sometimes provides me from the day in and day out of the was really a good weekend! And it's only Sunday morning...SO much more weekend/holiday to go:)

so here's a bit of our weekend, thus far...I figure my schedule won't really permit too much more excitement, besides the late family walk and possible bon-fire. SO leaving the phone at home till Tuesday;)

thursday night my sister, Pigg and our friend, Karey, headed to our 3rd Old Dominion show of the summer - at the Minnesota State Fair! We are officially OD Junkies! I can't get enough! They just seem like such amazing guys and SO talented, writing so many great hits and they're sound is soooo catchy. I think they are going to find so much, much deserved, success.

if you haven't already looked them up...DO - HERE.

saturday, after I put in a few early morning hours at work, we packed up and headed to the lake:) Good sandwiches and drinks and was the perfect day to let the kids run wild - and naked;) We I was so wiped out when we got home at 530PM that I could hardly keep my eyes open!

theo was lookin' so damn cute, so I got an over abundance of photos of her. Unfortunately, Homer's farrrrr too busy to be bothered with photos lately. Which is a bummer:/ But we managed to catch him running by in a couple of the shots;)

with everything that's been going on was great to feel more like myself for the afternoon. I hate falling into a 48-ish-hour funk:/ They can sometimes be hard for me to pull myself out of. BUT an afternoon at the beach remedied my mood:)

looking ahead...there are still some hurdles before I'll feel like things in our current situation - more details in a future blog post:) - are settled but Tuesday is our 4 year wedding anniversary...which is kinda blowing my mind and I've already got my mom lined up to watch the kids so we can go out to eat and walk around a furniture store, with no intention of buying anything, and take the back roads home. Dear lord...I.Can't.Wait:)

hope you're enjoying your long weekend, Friends:)

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