Thursday, October 20, 2011

my friend...Valencia:)

today's goal: to walk. And walk we did:) I'm proud to say that we really took advantage of the day. Got up early. Had an amazing breakfast and then walked, walked and more walking!!! And I'm really glad we did all that walking because we ate our weight in food the last 2 days. No question about it:)

we found a quiet little park to walk through. Jacob and I are LOVING all the different trees. I think Jacob talks every day about having a yard full of all these different trees someday:)

UP/DOWN we even found a secluded place to set up the camera and use the clicker to get some great photos! LOVE how they turned out and now my goal is to try again in Barcelona:)

UP we had initially thought that we would rent bikes...but the city's are MUCH larger than we had ever imagined they would be. We agreed that looking at them was more than enough;)

UP/DOWN there was a candy store AND baby'll be proud to know that I left both empty handed...well, except for Jacob's hand in my hand...dragging me away;)

after a short nap and some downtime, we ventured back out so I could try to get some photos of the city at night and I like to think I had some success:)
Now we're completely disgustingly full. Not the - I need to puke kinda full....more like the - I can see the weight gain already kinda full:(

totally worth it cause I'm vowing to walking that much harder the next few days;)

jacob's photos:)

UP jacob getting a shot of me after my breaking point of NEEDING food...I got happier within 10 minutes and a bowl of pasta;)

another fantastic day...a great way to end our stay in Valencia. Right now, while blogging...Jacob has the terrace doors open and we're letting in a nice cool breeze. The weather has turned cooler here (as I hear it has in WI;)...but we're talking 70...which I am SO down with:) 70 is the perfect walking weather!!!!

we're blown away that tomorrow we'll be in Barcelona and in a few short days...we'll be back on a plane, headed home. Again...SO excited to be home and get settled back into our every day lives. Sad to leave our honeymoon though!
It really has been everything we could have asked for...and we still have 5 days left!! It went the perfect speed. We feel as if we've been gone for well over a month already...but not in a bad way. In a perfectly paced way:) We just couldn't feel more happy and lucky right now.

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