Wednesday, April 10, 2013

etsy hump day:)

homer's down for a nap and after a morning of online shopping - only for a few decorations and such for his upcoming FIRST birthday:):) - it got me thinking about more fun things...

etsy things:)

i adore all these prints. I'm afraid our walls are going to be covered from floor to ceiling in the prints I've found:) This one speaks to me...reminds me of how I'd go anywhere with Jacob and it'd be the best place ever:)

i just love dreamcatchers. That is all:)

i'm fortunate enough to be able to enjoy coffee with a few of my sisters a few mornings a week! I'm hoping we can move the party to my new house as soon as Spring shows it's face in WI and work a bit on some landscaping:):)

all SO very pretty!

this little number reminded me of one of my favorite bloggers - ohdeardrea:) And because of her, I now want a sparkly party of my own someday:)

these prints instantly stole my heart. Especially the "The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go". Jacob and I both have a love for being out love. Being out there just feels like home to us:)
With the recent purchase of our new home, I'm definitely finding myself drawn to more things related to home decor and these are now on the top of the NEEDS List for the new house:)

loving the colors. Overall, loving how I feel when I look at them:) to get about 100 more important things done before Homer wakes!!!!:):) Good day followers!:)
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